Why hello there!

My name is Erik Johansson. I'm a web & Flash developer from Sweden who recently took the leap into the insecure but very exciting world of freelancing. Follow me on my journey as I strive to become a better business man, designer, developer, and all the other things that the freelancer profession entails!

So you would like to know a bit more? Fine choice, dear sir or madam!

I'm 23 years old and, and I have been developing different kinds of software for the last seven or so of them. It all started with a couple of simple Flash games in my teenage years, and while I have later moved on to other areas within software development Flash game making stuck with me for a long time (and to a lesser degree still does!). Anyway, Flash became my gateway into this world and I have during this time studied three year at the University of Skövde: one year video game programming, and the remaining two web development.

Following this I worked just over a year at a company where my primary task was to do web development, and during that time I acquired a lot of useful experience. I have however always wanted to make my own business, to be my own person, and a great step towards that has of course been taken now that I went from full-time employment to freelance. Exciting indeed!

Of course you can't be all business though :) Apart from coding I like to play StarCraft II, as well as follow the scene surrounding it (let me know if you're up for a game or two; I'm knugen.529 on EU and knugen.914 on NA!). I also play a fair bit of tennis and football.

Oh, maybe you wonder about my nickname "knugen"? Well that's a common nickname, or perhaps rather a moniker, for the Swedish king. He is in fact dyslexic and so a jokingly way to refer to him is "knugen", with "kungen" meaning "the king" in Swedish. I bet you you learnt something new right there!

I will switch back to business mode again here for the last part of this section: I would like to let you that I'm available for hire! I specialize in web development with WordPress, but I'm also open for web projects in general and definitely would not mind if you have a Flash project for me :) Use the contact form at the bottom of this page if you would like to get in touch!

My work samples

This is my portfolio site which is more business-oriented. Currently Swedish only, but you can see samples of my web development projects there.

My profile on Newgrounds.com
Check this out if you would like to see some of the Flash games I have done.


Surprise, surprise!

So, here we are half a year later since my last post. And I’m not in the least surprised :) It’s a bit of a catch-22 this; I do not have any readers because I don’t post anything, and I don’t post since nobody is reading. Anyhow, I figured a small update would be appropriate right about now so here you go!

My freelancing venture

The purpose of this blog (apart from populating this site with basically anything after having it just lying around empty for years…) was to cover my switch from employment to freelancing. I was lucky enough to receive a project from my former employer right away, meaning I had the rest of 2012 secured financially. Or at least that is what I thought.

Me and the client (my former employer) went into the project with nothing but trust for each other, and although there’s always room for improvement I was very satisfied with the way I handled the project all the way to delivery. Unfortunately I can not say the same about the client who had economical problems, and instead of speaking frankly with me fed me lies and false promises to stall the invoice payment. During this time I was very short on money, and I had a trip booked for Dubai which the travel agency messed up and cancelled (turned out to be fortunate in the end, since I really couldn’t afford it because of the unpaid invoice).

In the end I received the payment 1,5 months after it was due. I am really not one for burning bridges, but at this point I had had it with this client and ended our business relationship with a few well chosen (well…) words. Coincidentally, last week they went bankrupt. Good riddance.

Despite the bitter taste this client and former employer had left in my mouth, I still value the experience because of the lessons learned!

Lesson 1:
Establish a contract, no matter who you are dealing with.
Despite knowing and trusting the client in the beginning, we made a huge mistake in not writing a contract. I doubt it could have been used to get my payment any earlier, but with a proper contract in place and not just oral agreements the client would have had less bullshitting options for stalling the invoice.

Lesson 2:
Not much of a shocker really. You need money to survive, and if you are dependent on invoices being on time as a freelancer you are on thin ice. Apart from just surviving, I would have loved to have spare cash for some lawyer advice on contracts. I was never comfortable finding new clients because I had so little legal knowledge.

Moving on

This project has basically been my only source of freelancing income since October. Because of the implications I was quite tired of it all about as quick as it had begun, and I went looking for employment again. I had some promising interviews in a bigger city (Gothenburg) and was looking forward to a change of scenery, but I didn’t get the job I wanted the most and instead I received an interesting job offer from Vera & John (an online casino) here in Skövde. I ended up taking it, and I have been working there for about three months.

My freelancing firm is still alive and kicking as well, with some interesting projects around the corner. I will follow up this post with more details… Some day! :)

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Hello World!

Well this is long overdue..!

I have been doing web development for quite some time now. It was probably 5-6 years ago that I wrote my first line of HTML, and I had been making Flash for some time before that as well. Granted the web has not been my full-time profession for more than a year, but I still have had time to start many projects meant to reside here on this domain. It has been Flash based sites and it has been regular ones, but the end result has always turned out the same: loss of interest before it was anywhere near finished.

Until now, that is! I finally decided to make a slightly more “barebone” version and it paid off :) Probably the biggest part of the problem was me having way too high expectations on myself and in turn the site that should represent me, but even though this site is very simple I do like the result. 

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